Jan. 18.

KSU Marching Band – The Pride of Wildcat Land

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the Pride of Wildcat Land. Located at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, the 300+ member “Pride” performs at K-State Wildcat football games in the fall and represents Kansas State University at many other events, including bowl games, pep-rallies, and alumni, administrative, and foundation functions.

the purple sea

“Being a member of the KSU Marching Band is a very rewarding experience for me. Through my time in band, I have learned valuable leadership skills that will help me succeed in my engineering profession. Marching band provides the perfect balance between academic work and extracurricular activities. I always look forward to starting school in the fall. All the hard work in practice really pays off when I get to see the results on a K-State football Saturday.”
Jonathan Draheim – Senior, Engineering


The members of the Kansas State University Marching Band spend approximately 25 hours per week practicing and performing, not including the time spent at pep rallies and other events. As the cost of higher education continues to rise, many are forced to take on a part-time job in order to support themselves. When faced with reduced study time due to the demands of a part-time job and band practice, many of the students are forced to drop out of the band before their junior or senior year.

The Marching Pride Scholars Program was begun with the intent to support band members with at least three years of marching band experience.  If you would be interested in helping to sponsor a band member, please visit our foundation information page:  http://www.found.ksu.edu/band/



Jan. 20.

Spreading the Purple Cheer!

The Pride of Wildcat Land, led by Dr. Frank Tracz, is most well known for occupying the field of Bill Snyder Family Stadium during half-time with original and awe-inspiring feats of human organization and musical skill. It provides the emotional undercurrent that makes The Bill and The Octagon of Doom difficult places for opponents and creates memorable moments for fans and players alike.

However, every Friday prior to a gameday, a detachment of The Pride sets off to occupy a much larger objective: Aggieville.  The “Aggieville Cat Band” of “Pub Crawl” Band is a group of students that play in the Aggieville Business District on Friday nights of home football games. They use this opportunity to pep up the crowd at local establishments in support of the Wildcats, and are under the direction of Mr. Don Linn.

The Pub Crawl Band hits The Ville around 7pm and you can find them somewhere between Rock-A-Belly, Eighteen63, Coco Bolo’s, Varney’s, Rusty’s, Kite’s, So Long, Taco Lucha, Aggie Station, KatHouse, & Wahoo Fire and Ice Grille! Getting out to see the band each Friday night prior is another excellent tradition here at KSU, right up there with the early morning tailgate and getting your picture taken with Willie each year.

But the band hitting the Ville each Friday prior doesn’t just leave an impression on the fans: “The Aggieville Band brings Saturday’s game to life on Friday nights. If you love getting the fans pumped for the game, then this band is for you. Nothing is more rewarding than listening to a crowd in a crammed restaurant sing Wildcat Victory at the top of their lungs, or seeing a group of fans do the Wabash,” says Ted Krofssik, former Pub Crawl Band member.

So get out this Friday and support The Pride of Wildcat Land by jumping in on some Wabashing and following our awesome, electrifying musicians as the get the Ville in tune for another Wildcat victory!